The Committee

The Sound Engineering committee is founded by students of the Fontys Electrical Engineering course to provide themselves and other students more learning opportunities towards audio engineering. The committee is a fun group with a passion for all things audio / sound / music and technology related. The board consists of the following persons:

Sander van der Zandt
+31 6 50 40 18 30

Jan Janssen
Vice Chairman
+31 6 166 598 24

Elena Kuvaldina
+31 6 817 799 14

Ezra Vermeulen
+31 6 485 588 64

Jasper Roes
PR & Social media
+31 6 138 304 58

Thom Snippe
AES & Projects
+31 6 538 701 79

Eduard Cazacu
International Student Relations
+40 751 463 260

Jesse Verhagen
Committee member
+31 6 523 226 27

Jarno Verheesen
Committee member
+31 6 434 839 84

Honorary Members
Martijn Duraij
Michael Mareels
Ruud Kotylak
Bjorn Berkvens
Thijs Kessels
Friso de Jong
Niels Klemans
Martijn Meeuwessen
Wouter Coppen
Floris-Jan van den Hoek

SENG Committee

From left to right: Adam Buijks, Thom Snippe, Floris Jan van den Hoek, Bjorn Berkvens, Niels Klemans, Wouter Coppen, Peer Herms, Friso de Jong, Maurice Appelhof, Elena Kuvaldina

If you come across one of us in the halways, you can always ask any Sound-Engineering questions. Otherwise you can mail us at soundengineering( @ )

The goal of this committee is sharing the large amount of knowledge on Sound/Audio Engineering, and offering this knowledge in an addition to a decent education. The committee is partially independant from the Fontys board which gives us a more objective and critical look at our study.

Our board has a progressive character to achieve its goals as soon as possible. In addition, transparency is a high priority. All this leads to an effective and stable relationship between students and teachers/management of the Electrical Engineering study.

In addition to ideas for the long term the commission supports the education also in other matters such as preparation for activities and mediation between students and Fontys.

From left to right: Founders Martijn Duraij, Michael Mareels en Ruud Kotylak