Introduction event

On september 26, Fontys Committee Sound Engineering will host their yearly introductory event. At 17.30 hours we will start by introducing you to the Sound Engineering theme within the Fontys Engineering courses. After this introduction, guest lecturer Mark Devlaeminck will take over to give a lecture about the design of loudspeaker enclosures. This lecture will be in English.  

Fontys R1, Room R1 1.01


17:30 Start introduction 
18:00 Guest lecture by Mark Devlaeminck
20:00 Closure

The lecture will be about the differences between loudspeaker enclosures. Mark will discuss the concepts of (open) baffle, closed and open enclosures including bass reflex cabinets, transmission line speakers, bandpass, etc. The pro’s and cons on different types of enclosures will be discussed. Questions about the role of damping material and high quality enclosures will be answered. Mark will use simulations and practical demonstrations. Different kind of models will be present.

About Mark
Working as Business Line manager at ALLDSP (Germany), Mark Devlaeminck also does freelance design and consultancy. During his study Mark worked at Speakerland in Oss (where they had an anechoic chamber, which he used very often). Through Speakerland a collaboration started with loudspeaker manufacturers which still lasts today. 

Mark published articles for populair science. A long list of designs are from his hands, including designs for loudspeaker manufacturers as Vifa, Scan Speak, Peerless, Seas, Harbeth, Tymphany, Beyma, 18Sound, BNS, Opera and Selenium.
Mark previously worked for Brüel & Kjaer, Behringer and Bosch Security Systems as product manager for Public Adress.