Musikmesse & Prolight + Sound 2017

Sound Engineering is going to MusikMesse and Prolight+Sound again! What’s that? It’s the largest convention in Europe that focuses on professional light and sound technology as well as on musical instruments. As always it’s held in Frankfurt.

Cost will be 16 Euro
We’ll leave by bus at 7 AM, from Eindhoven Station (city center side)
We’ll be back in Eindhoven around 10 PM.

There will be limited places available (If places are limited, Sound Engineering students will be given priority)
You can sign up at the Innovum door.
Signup closes at the 31st of March.

For more information, visit and

If you have any questions – feel free to contact us.

Sound Engineering committee

— Notice! —
First years: We’re very sorry, but we were not able to arrange an exam free day. You can still come, but this will mean you will have to do the resit of any exams planned that day.
Second years: There will be no exams on this day, but you may still have a resit.
Third & fourth years: You’ll have no exams, or resits.

Lecture 21th of March 2017


Internships have slowly graduated from an optional over-the-top resume addition to an essential part of finding a job when you graduate.

But how do you find an internship? What is expected from you? and what is it like within the workfield of Sound Engineering?

To get a better understanding about this we invited our own Jesse Verhage who did his internship at MOD Devices, but also post graduate Bjorn Berkvens from Duran Audio to talk about their experiences.

Hope to see you there!

Pub Lecture 21th of February 2017

Pub Lecture Mythbusting

As with every scientific subject Sound Engineering has its fair share of Myths and things that aren’t quite true. Think of Gold cables resulting in better audio quality, or a that certain capacitor would sound better than another of the same value.
This lecture will be given by our own Thom Snippe.

For this special event Villa Fiesta has a special offer: 3 special beer will cost only € 5,-! (18+ only)

This evening’s main language will be English.